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My Thoughts about Destination Weddings!

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and what would be considered “on location” photography for me.

Over the past two years, I have been commissioned to photograph families and children in Colorado (Denver/Boulder), Chicago, IL, Austin, Texas and even had a gig booked in New York City until I dislocated my ankle and was forced to cancel the trip and refund the commission.

So… that stated… here are my thoughts about destination sessions and weddings…

One primary ideal one should consider when considering a destination session (i.e. engagement photos in Chicago, but you are from Los Angeles, or a Destination Wedding in the Florida Keys) is having a great time should be of paramount importance.  In order to have a great time, one must be stress free.  It is simply that simple.

I am certain you recall the last time you truly felt at ease… right?   Recall if you can the circumstances surrounding that occasion… write them down…and then lets make an effort together to help re-create them for an amazing destination experience, wedding or session.

Sessions days… are easier days on which to create stress free experiences, because typically, there isn’t anything else going on; but simply put, on your wedding day, the surest way to make for a great time on your days spent in the Islands, in the city, or wherever you location may be is to REDUCE the stress levels.  How can one do this?  My advice is in the money…  spend your dollars one the VERY BEST wedding imagery you can afford, and worry about all the details later.  (i.e.  Albums, DVDs, etc.)  Utilize the “included” photographer in your resort experience to document the ceremony, and spend your budget on an amazing destination photographer to document the art of the experience.  A  Bridal/Couples Session can easily be executed in 3-4hrs typically and is a very low stress situation. Why? Because, typically, the big day is already over!   It makes for a much less stressful “day of”  your Wedding when you don’t have to sweat the details about being whisked away to do a photo session while your guests wait for you to finish a “photo shoot”.   It is certainly a win/win for all involved, and you have to love that and your wedding images!

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