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More of Ms. Jessica… :: Omaha Senior Photographer

Jessica’s senior photo session was unlike any other to date!  We has a great trip as we traveled south into the great state of Missouri to begin our creation in Kansas City:)

We started our venture in Omaha… and on the way encountered Gladys and Syvia (our two trusty GPS devices) who repeatedly instructed us to turn left (over and over and over), and merge right with I-29 South (Gladys)!  Once we determined that reasoning with them was a moot point, we laughed a bit and continued on our way!

Three hours later, we had arrived at the WWI Memorial in Kansas City.

Jessica isn’t anything SHY of STUNNING in this image.  She is beautiful beyond description!  If you don’t vote this image as a favorite, the boogie man will certainly come to get you tonight! :)

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Note to all… I have known for quite some time that Jessi has an amazing singing voice she chooses to keep in the closet; but I have come to know that she also has an incredible talent with song writing and recording!  It was a must that we photograph the instrument, too.  This guitar sure helped the time fly later on in the evening — it is almost as beautiful as she is… AND… being the über retentive musician that I am, I simply couldn’t rest the guitar on the wall for even a moment for fear of scratching it’s beautiful finish… so I utilized the polishing cloth.  Don’t hate… I am who I am (unabashedly, I am told).

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Two or three emails later, I figured out that many-o-photographer don’t really know how to photograph portraiture AND the city scape together.  I have learned that there simply is a misunderstanding of execution from a number of those operating image capturing equipment.

So, because I am in a vindictive mood and the execution involves no more than some math skills, heavy lifting, and being in shape, I am simply going to say… keep trying, folks…

… atleast until I quit giggling and write you back with the directives! :)  I promise it is all in good fun, and I will let you know tomorrow.

After this excursion (which encompassed a number of additional images), we ventured to the wall of FAME… with TONs-o-POTENTIAL, and MANY-o-CHALLENGE for this photographer.

As amazing as it is, this wall had people EVERYWHERE, car bumpers 3 feet from its base, and a FULL parking lot surrounding it.  If it didn’t have TONS-o-SUN, or many distracting things in the background, it simply wasn’t possible, so we worked with the glare and embraced the new ideas for lines and angles and make the best of an amazing artistic challenge.

The first of many images is here, and a few more I will share later.

As winded as this blog has become, I must share that following our multiple endeavors, we encountered a little glitch with the transmission and opted to complete the remainder of Jessi’s session in Omaha.

The first of our Omaha series’ we shot at Red Lounge.  Isn’t she amazing?

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What fun… Thanks, Jessi, I cannot wait till your premiere!

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