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It is clear that you all want to hear more about what I am thankful for …

…so I will kindly oblige.

Today, I find it very simple … I am teaching at Bryan Elementary here in Omaha, Nebraska … and who should arrive first hour but my first set of kiddos from the building EVER!

The first time I taught these students they were second graders.  My memories of them are not good; but alas… they arrived first thing this morning and renewed my faith in much of the education system… specifically in the building.

The students were focused, well behaved, funny…recovered well… and used skill.  NOTHING SHY OF IMPRESSIVE.

I am thankful for moments like this when I see the growth and change in a group that I can refocus myself to a more positive position when I get to teach a set of dysfunctional first graders.  A faith that… despite that one teacher… that should have accepted reality and retired a few years earlier… or that “one teacher” that should have made a different career choice… can both be remedied by a fourth grade teacher who prays for her students… seeks help and prayer for herself… takes personal days despite the workload it adds…and just simply CARES ABOUT KIDS.  It shows…

That one special teacher shows…and the growth I have seen experienced in these students from last year to the present is beyond my wildest dreams.  I am thankful that I can look at the world more positively and a little differently today.

I needed that today… what do you need your help change your view of a changing world?

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