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Guy and Michelle :: A trip back in Time!

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Some may see it (though others may simply not care); but I have grown and changed as a wedding photographer and blogger over the past year or so.

As I have grown older, my thoughts about the wonderful people I photograph have become much more objective, poignant and have forced a vast amount of introspection on my own behalf.  To that end, let me start at the beginning.


I was first contacted by Ms. Michelle in October of last year shortly after I attended Becker’s workshop. It wasn’t long before we learned that we had many other connections beyond an Orange County photographer.

Michelle was a guest at Heather and Tyrell’s wedding.  She was also a high school classmate of my wonderful cousin.  Those two ideals and being from California rated her (and her fiance’) at the top of my list of “must shoot” weddings for this season.  I didn’t get the “typical” wedding photographer experience with Guy and Michelle because they hail from Loma Linda, California, and had their engagement images created in the L.A. area.

One great experience we did have was an exciting conversation about their big day continuously interrupted by the ongoing chaos of my son’s recently deceased fish.  (Talk about embarrassing… but they stuck with me)!  I am sure the memory of the dead fish passed, and as the day grew closer, I  began to realize more about myself as a woman and photographer.  I was ecstatic about this wedding for many, many reasons.

  1. Guy and Michelle’s wedding was at an ideal location:  Pioneer’s Park… 364 days from another wedding I photographed in the park the prior June.  (If one hasn’t visited this amazing State Park just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska… they should.  I may venture to state that I would love to photograph every wedding there, but alas, I am a woman that thrives on new and different things, so that wouldn’t be quite true).
  2. I knew I would get to create the wedding photographs for Guy and Michelle OUTSIDE:  my love of natural light and the stunning beauty of God‘s creation never ceases to amaze me, and as I continue to morph as a photographer, I have found a great love in outdoor weddings.
  3. The chivalry that Guy showed to Michelle in our brief initial meeting permeated through the remainder of our interactions, and her visual (as well as audible) response to the love he showed to her with his words and actions presented a “to die for” image on each occasion.  Who wouldn’t want and grasp at the honour of creating those images for a couple?
  4. Like Mark and Katie, Guy and Michelle presented me with the amazing opportunity to redefine myself, my character and my desire to be a better person, mother, Christian, photographer, and someday… a stunning wife.  ::  How blessed am I that I get chosen to create the lifetime keepsakes for such wonderful people?  Individuals that come into our life for a fleeting moment; yet they touch us in such a way that (though cliche’) we will never be the same.  Simply stated, my clients are the creme’ d’ela creme.’
  5. Details, Details:  Sometimes brides forget that stunning imagery morphs from more that an inherent wedding day.   The thought put into the details of this particular wedding made this wedding photographer so very smitten!  The natural elements and recurring themes of the day were beyond my wildest dreams.  For example… note the birds nest (to carry the rings), the birds on the cake, and the twigs (that were part of the amazing center pieces at the receptions) that I used in the “ring shot.”  Sigh… could it really get any better. <– Link in the text.
  6. I love weddings:  um, no… lets take that back.  I don’t “love weddings.”  I love to photograph weddings.  I am in love with the art of emotion and propelling the sentiment of the day through my camera.  Frankly, folks… it rocks.     AND…
  7. Though I wasn’t certain of the capacity until the day of the wedding, I was certain I would be rewarded with the great opportunity to step back in time.
    • a visual reminder of the beauty of nature, free of contemporary lines and harsh colors.
    • a setting of grounded faith in Christ as our Savior that is often neglected in the present day wedding ceremonies.
    • a wedding theme created around a love of natural things, heritage, and Biblical symbolism that may never be matched again.
    • a trip back in time… to a place where the art of the photograph was paramount to the quantity of images, and the trendiness of processing.  Classics last forever… classic images never go out of style… and those in love with classics, never fall out of love (right?)!

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So, here’s to Guy and Michelle!  They took a chance on this wedding photographer and made my day with so many things… but most of all the unabashed love they have for one another.  They chose me to create photographic art of their day…what will become the archaeological relics of their wedding day to share with their grandchildren.

I don’t believe one could bestow upon me be a greater honour or responsibility.

My many thanks to Guy, Michelle, and their parents/friends for an amazing day, a wonderful time, stellar hospitality, and the chance to once again choose to model myself after one (and many others) that are walking a great path.

May God bless you with a lifetime of love, joy, and sunshine!



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